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🛡>>> Guilds

What is Guilds?:
Guilds is a mix of Survival and Factions game types that allows users to team up and form Guilds.

By joining/creating a guild users gain access to:

  • Guild bank to collectively store funds.

  • Guild vault which allows members to store items and gear collectively for the guild.

  • Guild buffs that can aid in PvP and PvE scenarios.

  • Guild wars which allow guilds to fight each other to increase their guild's standing in an attack/defend mini-game.

  • Ally with other guilds to team up in open world content (prevents team damage).

  • Guilds is not for claiming land, it is only for player grouping.

Users can also claim land which prevents other players from griefing or stealing from their claimed areas.

  • Land owners can set unique flags for their lands.

  • Subdivide claims into areas to micro-manage large claims.

  • Trust users to be able to build and live in certain areas or lands.

  • Sleek GUI for almost all land functions.


Players can also enter the Badlands which offers:

  • Custom Map and Terrain

  • Challenging PvE content.

  • Dungeons

  • Envoy crate drops around the map.

  • Random Events and Mini-Bosses.

  • Open world PvP outside of safe areas, guilds, and guild alliances.

  • Players will be shown on Dynmap at ALL times.

  • No inventory protection.

  • Procedurally generated loot drops.

  • Custom enchants to help fight against Elite mobs and bosses.

  • Elite Mob Coins which can be used to increase your Adventurer Guild rank allowing for higher tier enemies and loot.

  • *NOTE* There is a high chance you will be defeated often, join at own risk.

PlayerShop Gui:
Access to PlayerShop GUI that features:

  • Easy to use GUI for purchasing items.

  • Only player sold items can be purchased so no infinite stock on items.

  • Can navigate by name of seller, categories, or recently added items.

  • Sell/Buy from anywhere using commands.

Shop GUI:
A limited Shop GUI to buy/sell items to promote player made shops.

Crates (Anti-P2W):
We offer many free crates as well as paid.

  • 80% of crates can be obtained through voting and other free means.

  • Paid crates offer unique custom items which do not give the player an overwhelming advantage over other players.

  • Chances for the winnings are available when previewing the chest.

  • Seasonal crates that offer unique items only obtainable at that time.

World Resets:
Nether and End worlds for guilds are reset periodically to refresh resources.

Safari Nets:
Players can use Safari nets to capture animals and mobs outside of claims for easy transport.

Timed Flight:
Players are able to gain flight time by voting allowing them to easily traverse the world. (Does not work in End or Nether dimensions)

Automated Farms:
Automated farms that can be upgraded and expanded to allow for easy hassle free farming. Users are able to purchase the Auto-farm item (End Rod) in game.

  • By default all users are able to place 2 crop and 2 tree auto-farms.
  • Donors get 1 additional crop and tree farm per level.
  • Ranks 2, 4, and 5 also gain 1 additional crop and tree farm for each level.
  • Auto-farms can only be made inside of land claims.
  • Upgrade the growth speed, radius, and storage capacity of the auto-farm using in-game money.
  • Right click a Auto-farm item to open the storage.
  • To manage upgrades and edit the Auto-farm, left-click the Auto-farm item.
  • To remove a farm, sneak (crouch) and punch (attack) the Auto-farm item
  • Farms require fuel in the form of bonemeal.

Players can compete in duels to increase their ranking and be the best fighter on the server.

Custom Fishing:
Custom fishing with occasional tournaments to get unique rewards.

  • Access to fishing augments to improve your fishing.

  • Custom fish.

  • Deliveries for catching a certain amount of custom fish.

  • Plenty of innovative additions to improve the fishing experience.

Item Sharing:
Show off your items using [i] or [item] in chat while holding the item you want to show off.

We also offer the well known McMMO leveling and skill system.

Death Chests:
When killed, users will drop a death chest that stays active for 20 minutes but becomes unlocked for other users after 10 minutes. This costs half of the exp the user had before death once items are retrieved. 

Player Warps:
Users can create player warps to create public warps to show off builds, farms, etc.

Custom Enchants:
Offers many vanilla-like enchantments.
  • Can be obtained from an enchantment table using the level 30 enchant option.
  • All enchants can be viewed using '/es menu'.
  • Only enchant that is not enabled, is one associated with flight.
  • Max of 6 custom enchants per item.
Invisible Item Frames:
Craft invisible item frames with one lingering invisibility potion surrounded by 8 item frames.

Free for All Arena:
Join the Free For All (FFA) Arena to fight your friends with keep inventory enabled and item damage disabled.

Users are able to use in-game money to increase their rank without having to pay for a rank in our store. This will increase owned chunks and shareable chunks for Lands. In addition they can unlock some donor perks from these ranks as well.
  • Ranks are 0-5
  • Each rank gives the user more chunks to claim land with & more total lands they can create.
  • They also get access to some donor perks.
  • More will be added so the rankups benefit donors as well other than the additional lands and claimable chunks.