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>>> Server Commands


      🛡 >>> Guilds



/Lands help [page]

Description: Display command usages of Lands


/Lands claim

Description: Claim chunks


/Lands create

Description: Create a land


/Lands accept <land>

Description: Accept invites


/Lands chat [land] <message>

Description: Chat with land


/Lands delete

Description: Delete your land


/Lands deny

Description: Deny invite


/Lands deposit [land] <amount>

Description: Deposit money to land bank


/Lands edit <land>

Description: Enter edit mode for a land. Actions like /Lands claim will be executed for this land.


/Lands info [land]

Description: Show information about a land


/Lands invites

Description: Open received invites GUI


/Lands leave <Land>

Description: Leave a land


/Lands map

Description: Show lands map


/Lands menu <here>

Description: Open Lands GUI.

Add "here" to the command to open the GUI

for the chunk you're standing in.


/Lands menu here

Description: Open Lands GUI for the chunk you're standing in.\


/Lands rename [land] <new name>

Description: Rename land


/Lands selection

Description: Select a region for actions like /Lands claim

Possible actions:

/Lands claim

/Lands unclaim

/Lands leave

/Lands trust

/Lands untrust


/Lands setrole <player> <area,*> <role>

Description: Set a role of a player.

The area parameter defines a sub area of the land.


/Lands setspawn

Description: Set spawn for land


/Lands spawn [land]

Description: Teleport to land spawn


/Lands teleport <x> <z>

Description: Teleport to a claimed land chunk


/Lands top

Description: Show top ten lands


/Lands trust <player> [area,*]

Description: Trust a player.

Area parameters are optional.


/Lands unclaim

Description: Unclaim a chunk


/Lands untrust <player> [area,*]

Description: Untrust player.

Area parameters are optional.


/Lands view

Description: Visualise land borders




/guild cancel 

If a user has an active action, it will cancel it and not proceed further with what they were trying to do.


/guild confirm 

If a user has an active action, it will confirm the action and continue with what they were attempting to do.


/guild ally accept <guild> 

This command allows you to accept an ally invite from another guild if there is one currently pending!


/guild ally add <guild> 

This command allows you to send an ally request to another guild!


/guild ally decline <guild> 

This command allows you to decline and incoming ally invite from another guild!


/guild ally list 

This command allows you to list all the allies of your guild!


/guild ally remove <guild> 

This command allows you to remove any of your current allies!


/guild bank balance 

Allows you to check the current balance of your guild bank!


/guild bank deposit <amount> 

Allows you to put money from your balance into your guild bank!


/guild bank withdraw <amount> 

Allows you to take money from your guild bank and put it back into your personal balance!


/guild buff 

Opens the guild buff GUI.


/guild list 

Opens the guild list GUI.


/guild members 

Opens the member list GUI.


/guild vault 

Opens a guild vault GUI.


/guild info 

Opens up the guild info GUI.


/guild delhome 

Delete your guild home.


/guild home 

Teleport to your guild home.


/guild sethome 

Set your guild home to your current location.


/guild create <name> [prefix] 

Create a new guild!


/guild delete 

Deletes your current guild.


/guild kick <player> 

Kicks a player from your guild.


/guild prefix <prefix> 

Set a new prefix for your guild.


/guild rename <name> 

Set a new name for your guild.


/guild status 

Toggles the status of your guild.


/guild transfer <player> 

Transfer your guild to another person.


/guild upgrade 

Upgrade your guild's tier.


/guild accept <name> 

Accepted a guild invite from a guild.


/guild check 

Checks to see if a user has any pending guild invites.


/ guild decline <name> 

Declines a pending guild invite from a guild.


/guild demote <player> 

Demote a player in your guild.


/guild invite <player> 

Invite a player to your guild.


/guild language <language> 

Set the plugin language to your choosing!


/guild leave 

Leave your current guild.


/guild promote <player> 

Promote a player in your guild.


/guild motd 

View your guild's MOTD.


/guild motd set <motd> 

Set the MOTD of your guild.


/guild motd remove 

Remove the MOTD of your guild.


/guild chat 

Toggles the guild chat.


/guild request <guild> 

Send a request to join a guild.


/guild war accept 

Accept a war request


/guild war challenge <guild> 

Challenge another guild to a war


/guild war deny 

Deny a war request


/guild war join 

Join a guild war

Opens a GUI for users to select a tag to apply after their name.

Opens a GUI menu displaying help for main plugins.

Death Chests:
/dc list
Shows your current death chests.


Random Teleport:
Teleports the user to a random location in the overworld.




/hug <user>

/slap <user>

/poke <user>

/highfive <user>

/yell <user>

/facepalm <user>

/bite <user>

/lick <user>

/snuggle <user>

/stab <user>

/kiss <user>

/punch <user>

/murder <user>

/dab <user>

/boi <user>

/cry <user>

/pat <user>

/scorn <user>

/stalk <user>

List help menu for ChatFeelings

/cf ignore <player/all>
Ignores a user's ChatFeelings or ignores all ChatFeelings

Opens the Cluescroll GUI.


ArchonMC Webstore:
Opens a GUI menu to select a package and be taken directly to checkout.

Sends the user a link to our store.




/duel [username]

/duel [username] [money]

/duel accept [username]

/duel deny [username]

/duel stats

/duel stats [username]

/duel toggle

/duel top [-|wins|losses|kit]


/queue join [-|kit] [bet]

/queue leave


/spectate [username]

Posts a link in chat for our discord

Posts a link to our server website.

Sends a link to chat for our server's Dynmap.

/dynmap show
Shows the user on our Dynmap.

/dynmap hide
Hides the user on our Dynmap.

Custom Enchants:
/es menu
Opens a GUI listing all enchantments and their function.

/es list
Opens a list for all the enchantments and their function.


/tpa <name>
Sends a teleport request to a user.

/tpahere <name>
Sends a teleport request to a user to your current location.

/tpaccept | /tpyes
Accepts a teleport request.

/tpdeny | /tpno
Rejects a teleport request.

Toggles enabling and disabling teleport requests.

Shows your current money balance.

Lists the richest users on the server.

/pay <user>
Sends money to a user.

/sethome <Name of Home>
Sets a home at the user's location.

/delhome <Name of Home>
Removes the users home.

/home <Name of Home>
Teleport to your home(s)

Teleports the user to our spawn.

/warp | /warps
Opens a GUI containing our server's warps.

Shows any mail you have recieved.

/mail read
Reads your mail

/mail send <user> <message>
Sends a message to a user.

Sends a private message to a user.

Responds to last recieved message.

Enables/Disables recieving or sending private messages.

/ignore <user>
Ignores all public chat messages from that user. Does not work on Staff members.

/realname <User's Nickname>
Shows the actual username of a player.

/fb toggle
Shows/hides the scoreboard to the right of the screen.

Makes the user sit where they are.

Toggles the ability to right click to sit.


Lists the acrobatics skill tree.

Lists the archery skill tree.

Lists the axes skill tree.

Lists the sword skill tree.

Lists the unarmed skill tree.

Lists the excavation skill tree.

Lists the fishing skill tree.

Lists the herbalism skill tree.

Lists the mining skill tree.

Lists the woodcutting skill tree.

List the alchemy skill tree.

Lists the repair skill tree.

Lists the taming skill tree.

Lists the salvage skill tree.

List the smelting skill tree.

Lists the users with the highest power levels (Sum of all skills)

/mctop <skill>
Lists the users with the highest level in the specified skill.

Opens a GUI with all available kits.

Player Shops:
Open the main shop menu.

/pshop sell <quantity> <price>
List the item you are holding in your shop.

Player Vaults:
/pv <#>
Opens the specified vault.

Player Warps:

/pwarp help
Displays the help menu.

/pwarp <Name of Warp>
Teleports you to a specific player warp.

/pwarp set <Name of Warp>
Sets a player warp at your location.

/pwarp remove <Name of Warp>
Removes a player warp.

/pwarp removeall
Removes all player warps from a user.

/pwarp desc <set/remove> <Name of Warp> <description>
Sets or removes a player warps description.

/pwarp list
Lists all the current player warps.

/pwarp open
Opens the player warp GUI.

/pwarp amount
Shows how many player warps the user has.

/pwarp icon <set/remove> <Name of Warp>
Sets or removes a player warp icon.

/pwarp category <Name of Warp> <category>
Sets the category of the player warp.

/pwarp rate <Name of Warp> <rate>
Rates a user's player warp.

/pwarp lock <Name of Warp>
Locks a warp from public use.

/pwarp cost <set/remove> <Name of Warp> <cost>
Sets the cost a user must pay to go to the player warp.

/pwarp reset <Name of Warp>
Resets a player warps location to current.

/pwarp rename <Name of Warp>
Renames a player warp.

/pwarp setowner <Name of Warp> <user>
Transfers ownership of a player warp.

/pwarp password <set/remove> <Name of Warp> <password>
Sets a password to use the player warp.

/pg help
Lists all commands.

Opens the game menu.

/pg check <user>
Checks to see what pocketgame a user is playing.

/pg duel <accept/deny>
Accepts or denies a pocketgames duel.

/pg duel <user> <game>
Requests a duel with the user in a pocketgame.

Player Cosmetics:
Opens the player cosmetics menu.

PvP Toggle:
/pvp {toggle/on/off/status}
Used to change pvp state

/pvp <user>
Used to see the pvp state of another player

Pyro Fishing:
Brings up the basic help menu.
/fish menu
Brings up the main fishing menu.

 /fish codex
Brings up the codex.

 /fish shop
Opens up the shop.
/fish passives
Opens the Passive GUI.

/fish mst
Opens the main skill tree.

/fish scales
Opens the Scales GUI.

/fish market
Opens the Fish Market GUI

/fish bag
Opens the Fish Bag GUI.

Rankup to the next rank.

View list of ranks.

Opens the server shop GUI.

/sell hand
Sells what the user is holding to server shop.

/sell handall
Sells ALL of what the user is holding to server shop.

Timed Flight:
/fly | /tf
Toggles flight.

Shows remaining flight time.

/tf pay <user> <#> <day/hour/minute/second>
Pays the user flight time

/trade <user>
Sends the user a trade request.

Opens the vote menu.

/voucher redeem <code>
Redeems a voucher code.

FFA Arena:
Teleports you to the Free For All Arena. Keep inventory is enabled and item durability loss is disabled.

Annoucements & Chat:
/an toggle
Toggles our server automated server annoucements.

Turns on or off mention notifications in chat.

Shows your current EXP.

/exp withdraw <amount/all/random>
Creates a bottle with amount, all EXP, or random amount.

/exp withdraw give <amount> <user>
Sends the user an EXP bottle with the set amount.

/farm help
Displays commands.

/farm get <crop/tree>
Purchase the Auto-farm item.

Bedrock Commands:
Allows Bedrock users to move an item into their offhand.

Toggle the information on the top of the screen.

            >>> BadLands *Guilds*

Opens the GUI to level up your Adventurer rank.

Posts information about the item you are holding into chat.

/em wallet
Displays players Elite Coin balance.

/em pay <user>
Sends Elite Coins to the user.

/outpost list
Lists all the available outposts.

/outpost shop
Opens the special shop for guilds that have claimed an outpost.

Opens the Waypoints GUI (Unlocked when visited)