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>>> BadLands *Guilds*

What is the BadLands?:

For those that want the most difficult content we have to offer, then travel to the Badlands. Here outside of safe areas is open PvP. Guilds and their allies will be able to fight against competing guilds for loot and treasure. We offer claimable outposts that are scattered around our custom map, deadly Elite mobs, random world events, mini-bosses, dungeons, lairs, mini-dungeons, vistas procedurally generated loot, and more. Players an earn Elite Coins which can be used by our vendors in the BadLands camp as well to upgrade a user's Adventurer Rank. When a user dies a death chest is spawned but can be opened by anyone. Be sure to check out the NPCs in the BadLands camp for item upgrades, tips, and more. Be warned this content will be difficult but rewarding to those that attempt to brave the Badlands.

Elite Mobs:
These are formidable foes that spawn throughout the BadLands and dungeons. They scale depending on player equipment, Adventurer Rank, and number of players nearby. Once defeated they drop loot reserved for the player(s) that defeated it as either Elite items or Elite Coins. These mobs can have unique attacks and buffs. These mobs are not to be overlooked as level differences substantially affect their damage and effects.

Elite Powers:

Elitemobs' powers are split into different categories:

  • Offensive powers: powers that add to the attacking potential of the mob
  • Defensive powers: powers that add to the defensive potential of the mob
  • Miscellaneous powers: powers that add mechanics that fit neither of the above categories
  • Major powers: powers specific to a mob type
  • Boss powers: powers that don't get applied automatically and that only custom bosses can have

A new power is added to a mob every 10 tiers, following this logic:

  • tier 10: +1 defensive power
  • tier 20: +1 offensive power
  • tier 30: +1 miscellaneous power
  • tier 40: +1 major power (if available)
  • tier 50: +1 defensive power
  • tier 60: +1 offensive power
  • tier 70: +1 miscellaneous power
  • tier 80: +1 major power (if available)

Defensive Powers:

  • Invisibility: Makes the elite invisible 
  • Invulnerability Arrow: Makes the elite immune to arrows
  • Invulnerability Fall Damage: Makes the elite immune to fall damage
  • Invulnerability Fire: Makes the elite immune to fire damage of any kind
  • Invulnerability Knockback: Drastically reduces the amount of knockback the elite takes when hit

Offensive Powers:

  • Attack Arrow: Makes the elite fire an arrow on an interval
  • Attack Blinding: Makes the elite apply the blinding potion effect to the target
  • Attack Confusing: Makes the elite apply the confusing potion effect to the target
  • Attack Fire: Makes the elite set the target on fire when they hit them
  • Attack Fireball: Makes the elite fire a fireball at the target
  • Attack Freeze: Applies a very high slow potion effect and spawns a ice block at the target's location on hit
  • Attack Gravity: Applies the levitation potion effect to the target on hit
  • Attack Lightning: Makes the elite shoot lightning at nearby players
  • Attack Poison: Poison's the elite's target on hit
  • Attack Push: Adds knockback to the elite's attacks
  • Attack Vaccuum: Pulls the elite's target towards it (the opposite of knockback)
  • Attack Weakness: Adds the weakness potion effect to players attacked by the entity
  • Attack Web: Spawns a web block at the player's location
  • Attack Wither: Adds the wither effect to the elite's attacks

Miscellaneous Powers:

  • Bonus Loot: Adds 1 extra guaranteed loot item to the elite's loot table
  • Corpse: Spawns a bone block at the elite's location upon their death
  • Implosion: Pulls nearby entities towards it on death
  • MoonWalk: Adds the jump boost potion effect to the elite
  • Movement Speed: Adds the speed boost potion effect to the elite
  • Taunt: Makes the entity say various taunts during combat

Major Powers:


  • Skeleton Pillar: Spawns two pillars around the skeleton which deal damage to players that stand in their path. Also plays Megalovania.
  • Skeleton Tracking Arrow: Makes the elite shoot slow arrows that track the player's movement


  • Zombie Bloat: Spawns a Giant at the zombie's location, pushing all nearby entities back when it appears
  • Zombie Friends: Spawns reinforcements with special dialog
  • Zombie Necronomicon: Makes the elite stop and start summoning the zombienecronomicon mobs. The elite will continue spawning them until there are 10 concurrently alive. Once the summoner is killed, all summoned mobs die.
  • Zombie Parents: Spawns reinforcements with special dialog


  • Tracking fireball: fires a slow fireball at nearby players that will follow them. If hit, the fireball will track and hit the boss instead.

Boss Powers:

  • Bullet Hell: Teleports the boss to the air and makes it shoot tracking arrows to all nearby players. Use of shields is recommended to beat it.
  • Flame Pyre: Makes the boss damage all nearby entities with a massive fire attack. Run or die. You can tell it's coming by the black smoke particles.
  • Flamethrower: Makes the boss shoot a flamethrower towards a nearby player target. Dodge or die. You can tell it's coming by the black smoke particles.
  • Gold Explosion: Fires gold nuggets in all directions in a short radius around the boss. Run or die. You can also use a shield to avoid it. You can tell it's coming by the smoke particles.
  • Gold Shotgun: Fires gold nuggets shotgun-style at a nearby player. Dodge or die. You can also use a shield to avoid it. You can tell it's coming by the smoke particles.
  • Hyper Loot: Drops 10 pieces of guaranteed loot, also boosts the economy drops.
  • Meteor Shower: Spawns fireballs that shoot down from the sky at random around the boss. Run or die.
  • Spirit Walk: Makes the boss "spiritwalk" to a nearby location if it's been hit more than a certain amount of times without dealing any damage itself.
  • Summon Embers: Summons the embers custom boss
  • Summon Raug: Summons the raug custom boss
  • Summon The Returned: Summons the returned custom boss

Elite Enchantments:
  • Critical Strike: Gives a chance to double the damage dealt to an Elite Mob. Each level of Critical Strike increases the critical strike chance by 10% (10% for level 1, 20% for level 2).
  • Drilling: The drilling enchantment is an enchantment destined for pickaxes. It allows pickaxes and shovels using it to mine blocks in a radius to the block getting mined. The higher the level of the enchantments, the higher the radius of blocks affected. The levels range between 1 and 5, with 1 additional block getting mined at level 1 and 9 additional blocks getting mined at level 5. Only blocks of the same type will be mined in that radius.
  • Elite Protection: Elite Protection increases the protection from Elite Mobs and only Elite Mobs. It also counts towards increasing a player's threat tier, meaning that it also increases the level of Elite Mobs spawned around a player. Items only start gaining Elite Protection once they've gone over the vanilla limits for the Protection enchantments (level 4). All subsequent levels are increased by 1, meaning that an item with protection 5 and elite protection 10 will count as a protection 15 armor for Elite Mobs, but will only count as a protection 5 armor for any other mob.
  • Elite Sharpness: Elite Sharpness increases the damage dealt to Elite Mobs and only Elite Mobs. It also counts towards increasing a player's threat tier, meaning that it also increases the level of Elite Mobs spawned around a player. Items only start gaining Elite Sharpness once they've gone over the vanilla limits for the Sharpness enchantments (level 5). All subsequent levels are increased by 1, meaning that an item with sharpness 5 and elite sharpness 10 will count as a sharpness 15 weapon for Elite Mobs, but will only count as a sharpness 5 sword for any other mob.
  • Flamethrower: Any item with the Flamethrower enchantment is capable of firing a jet of flames to damage mobs in the direction it's been fired. Upon right clicking to activate this enchantment, the player becomes unable to move for the duration of the effect. Using the Flamethrower enchantment uses up the durability of the item. This custom enchantment can never damage players for balance reasons.
  • Hunter: The Hunter enchantment increases the percentage of mobs around a player with that enchantment which get converted into Elite Mobs, effectively increasing the amount of Elite Mobs that spawn around a player. The maximum enchantment level for the hunter enchantment is level 3.
  • Ice Breaker: The Ice Breaker enchantment allows any item to freeze water on hit. The Ice Breaker enchantment can have up to two levels. On the first level, the pickaxe will only freeze the block hit. On the second, it will freeze it and the immediately adjacent blocks. The second level enchantment can be used to create tunnels under the ocean.
  • Meteor Shower:  The Meteor Shower enchantment summons a meteor shower from the sky above the player. This means that a number of fireballs fall from the sky to hit everything around a player at random. The damage dealt to normal entities is the normal amount for a fireball, or an adjusted amount dealt to Elite Mobs. This can destroy the terrain (outside BadLands and dungeons).
  • Soulbind: The Soulbind enchantment links all EliteMobs loot to the players the loot drops for. This means that each player gets their own reward from killing an Elite Mob, making sharing loot a non-issue. Players are unable to pick up loot that isn't soulbound to them from the floor. They are able to pick it up from chests, but are unable to equip them in combat, meaning that they can only really be carried around. This is so players don't accidentally clog up each other's chests with unmovable items. Additionally, players can only sell items soulbound to them.
Item Upgrading: (Enabled on Release)

Unbinding Items

If you have an item unbind scroll, you are able to use the Unbinder NPC to combine 1 scroll with 1 item in order to unbind it. The scroll can only be used once. Once unbound, items can be sold or given to other players, or be used after a prestige.

Scrapping Items

Elite Items can be scrapped at the Scrapper NPC. There is a 50% chance that items will get scrapped correctly. Scrap is the basis for the rest of the Item System.

Upgrading Scrap

Elite Scrap can be upgraded at the Refiner NPC at a rate of 10 scrap of the same level for 1 scrap of a higher level.

Repairing Elite Items

Elite Items can be repaired at the Repairman NPC for scrap. The amount repaired is equal to the level and amount of Elite Scrap. This means that a level 1 elite scrap will repair 1 durability, and that 2 level 50 scrap will repair a total of 100 durability.

Elite Item Upgrade Orbs

Elite Item Upgrade Orbs can be crafted at the Smelter at a rate of 25 scrap of a level for 1 item upgrade orb of the same level.

Upgrading Elite Items

Elite Items can be upgrade at the Enhancer NPC using 1 Item Upgrade Orb of a higher level than the level of the item. Items will always be upgraded by one level as long as the Elite Item Upgrade Orb is of a higher level than the Elite Item. This means that a level 50 Elite Item Upgrade Orb will upgrade a level 49 Elite Item into a level 50 Elite Item, but it will also only upgrade a level 1 Elite Item into a level 2 Elite Item.

Scattered throughout the Badlands are outposts that guilds can capture for unique rewards. Upon initial capture, all guildmates in the area of the outpost are given a BadLands crate key. Then every 5 minutes ALL members in that guild gain 25 Elite Coins and $250 in-game money. These rewards can be compounded by holding more outposts. When capturing the progress is halted when another guild is in the claim area (also applies to allies) so be sure to clear the area of other guilds. Users that are not in a guild cannot capture outposts.

This is the primary means of traversing the BadLands. They are small safe areas that users unlock once they visit them the first time. This allows users to traverse long distances without walking. They can be access through the waypoints menu using '/wp'. 

These are scenic spots chosen by our Staff Team to show off the beauty of the BadLands custom terrain. In the future they may play a bigger role...

Other than Waypoints, the only other way to quickly traverse the BadLands is with enderpearls or chorus fruit. There is a 10 second cooldown on each of these options. Mounts and other means of transport are also disabled.

Users in the same guild or an allied guild are unable to damage each other. Users must be cautious as some guilds may opt to become bandit groups looking to strip you of your hard earned gear. Large scale guild/multi-guild fights are expected so some users may take a scavenger role. How you distinguish yourself or guild in the BadLands is completely up to you!


We offer many epic and difficult dungeons for our users to attempt. They can drop unique Elite loot as well as other rewards. PvP is currently disabled when in dungeons. Work together with other players to fight the onslaught of tough mobs, mini-bosses, and bosses. There are sometimes hidden areas and bosses so be sure to check all paths when in a dungeon. The mobs and loot in these areas are fixed so they do not scale with the player. Each dungeon has a player limit which is shown a the portals to the dungeons as well as the recommended level to enter. Users can only access dungeons through portals in the BadLands.

What is to come?:
We already have out first expansion almost completed to be released once users start to finish all content in the BadLands. In addition we plan on offering new maps and dungeons periodically as well as add new open world content. Our team is confident that you will enjoy the future of BadLands!