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Information ArchonMC Roadmap
Started by Garuda7429

Development Roadmap:

Big thank you to everyone that has offered up their suggestions and feedback on our Guilds server. We have a few more reworks planned for BadLands to make it more user friendly and will also be adding a new mode in the near future! While we work on the new mode, we will give you a brief outline of our plans for the next few months. Many of our staff and development team have begun to go back to school as some countries lift restrictions from Covid-19. However, we are going to continue to do our best to help ArchonMC grow and develop to a top tier Minecraft community.


BadLands (Guilds):

- Addressing concerns for item loss being too high of risk.

- Adding 2 new dungeons to the map.

- Releasing our first "expansion" zone which will add new dungeons as well as a new open world area to explore! It will offer beginner/veteran users a safer and more gradual introduction to the BadLands. (PvP will not be enabled for this zone).


New Mode:

- Should be implemented by the end of October 2021 but possibly early November of 2021.

- This mode will continue our non-P2W ideals and will only offer cosmetic/quality of life items.

- Donor ranks that users currently have in Guilds will NOT apply to new mode.

- Will be Bedrock compatible.


Marketing Initiative: 

Due to some host issues, 1.17 update bugs, and server migrations we have delayed our marketing strategies until everything has been resolved.

- Reaching out for content creators and alternative methods to boost our server reach.

- Increasing activity on social media.

- Begin hosting more community events and giveaways.


About 1 month ago