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Final touch ups.. we are nearing the beginning
Started by KappaDarius









                We are nearing the end of one journey; ArchonMC Beta, and starting a brand new journey. ArchonMC has been built on basis  "for the players, by the players".


Thank you to everyone who joined our initial BETA!


- Over 75 bugs have been found

- Many new features have been added

- Our staff grew from 4 to 12 members

- Our discord grew from 100 members to 300


From the beginning we wanted to be transparent with everyone during this project and we are happy to say we will be bringing ArchonMC to you by the end of June! We can't wait for everyone to come and check out over 10 new features we have added since the closing. We can't wait what the future of ArchonMC holds, and the expansions we plan on doing!


Stay tuned for release day info.


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