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Information Countdown to Release...
Started by Garuda7429

Once again we wish to thank everyone that helped us get to where we are now. Other than a few small tweaks and fixes we are on schedule for release in the near future. We have received and implemented many of the great suggestions made by our beta testers. Please continue to give us feedback so we can tailor the server to maximize our user experience.

BadLands will be available to all beta testers soon and testing for the dungeons will begin after that for our donators. We are very excited to show you everything our server has to offer and already have begun to plan for future content updates. We will be updating the BadLands wiki prior or during public testing of BadLands. If you have not claimed your "BETA" tag in game please use the following command in game: /voucher redeem ArchonMCBeta2021

"ArchonMC is a server for the players, by the players!"

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